Founded in 1890, the Crafton Volunteer Fire Department has faithfully protected life and property for over one hundred years. With single family homes, multi-family dwelling, high-rise buildings, churches, schools and shopping plaza’s it is easy to see that growth must occur within the Fire Department.

With the members consisting of volunteer Firefighters and Emergency Medical Personnel, the CVFD is proud of its past and welcomes the challenges of the future. Providing fire and emergency medical first responder coverage for Crafton, Thornburg and Rosslyn Farms, there is always the need for growth. One of the biggest challenges of the future lies in finding residents willing to give, to ensure the continued pride of the CVFD.

Our Mission

The Mission of the Crafton Volunteer Fire Department is to provide fire, rescue, medical response and public services to the Borough’s of Crafton, Rosslyn Farms and Thornburg in lieu of a paid fire department. To this end, the members of the CVFD are trained and certified in firefighting, rescue practices, and various advanced stages of medical services. These services require countless hours of training and funding. A large portion of the CVFD budget comes from community donations and the remainder through departmental events and local government support.

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