Current Apparatus:


Engine 128

Engine 128 is a 1996 Seagraves Pumper with a 2000 GPM pump and a 920 gallon tank. This vehicle is used on Commercial Structure Fires and runs all minor calls. It is small and compact to get into the alleys and side streets within the Borough.



Rescue 128

Rescue 128 is a 2006 KME Rescue – Pumper with a 2250 GPM Pump and a 750 gallons water tank. It has rescue style compartments to carry the large number of rescue type tools needed for all types of rescue operations. It has a 20 KW Generator, 12,000 Watt Light Tower, 8 Bottle Cascade system with a 150’ low pressure reel. The vehicle has a Class A foam system for very effective fire knockdowns in Class A environments. The vehicle runs out on all rescue calls, hazardous materials calls, and some mutual aid calls.



Truck 128

Truck 128 is a 2010 KME 100’ Aerial (Quint) with a 2250 GPM Pump and 500 gallons of water. It was designed to be the first vehicle out on all structural fires, and designed to be the “sister” truck to the Rescue. This vehicle provides a magnitude of options and safety features to our firefighters and residents. It also has a Class A foam system and a 20 KW generator.



Squad 128

Squad 128 is a 1995 Ford 350 with a 2004 Keystone Rescue Body. This vehicle services a variety of responses, from manpower mover, to emergency lighting, overhaul and rehab, to all wires down and water situations.



QRS 128

QRS 128 is a 2004 Quick Response Vehicle that responds to emergency medical calls to support the Ambulance that is on scene. This vehicle is certified as a Quick Response Vehicle per Department of Health guidelines. Often our members take this vehicle home and respond from home to lessen the time of response.


Retired Apparatus:

seagrave 1

Truck 128-7



Engine 128-5

Engine 128-5 is a 1962 Seagraves Pumper with a 1250 GPM pump and a 500 gallon tank. This vehicle still resides in the Borough of Crafton and is owned by a private owner. This engine can still be seen from time to time in a local parade.



Rescue 128-1 (1992 Saulbury/Ford)



Engine 128-6 (1974 Mack CF)